Explore More in Washington Wine Country

There's more than just wine in Washington's Wine Country, but there's also plenty of wine.
Washington State Vacation
Washington State Vacation

Yakima River Canyon

Whether you spend the day deep in the canyon or opt for the scenic route—aka driving the Yakima Canyon Road—you’re in for a treat. Summer float trips meander past big basalt cliffs, fly-fishers hook prized rainbow trout, and wildlife like bald eagles and bighorn sheep frolic in the surrounding skies and shores.

Sacagawea Heritage Trail

Stretching 23 miles along the Columbia River in the Tri-Cities, this trail honors the heroine of the Lewis and Clark expedition, which passed through this area. Signs along the way detail the area’s cultural and natural history for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Wine Touring

It should be no surprise that Washington Wine Country is one of the best places to sample the state’s oenophile offerings. Hundreds of tasting rooms, vineyards, and wineries dot the area. Visit the Washington Wine Commission for a complete list of wineries, or stop at visitor centers throughout the region for local recommendations. 

Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site

South of Kennewick sits the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site, with Ice Age–era fossils. Schedule a tour in advance to check out this active excavation site.

Fort Walla Walla Museum

This establishment is home to an array of exhibits, including a 17-building pioneer village depicting life around these parts after the Lewis and Clark expedition came through the area. Other highlights include textiles like bridal dresses and artifacts from when the fort was an active military post in the late-19th century.