Hurricane Ridge

Whether your favorite spring activity is hiking, biking, bird-watching or all of the above, Hurricane Ridge has it all for you and offers some of the best views in the region. Leisurely sightseeing is strongly encouraged!

It’s easy for one to forget they’re only miles away from town when exploring Hurricane Ridge.  Skiers are drawn to downhill and cross-country routes, hikers to the variety of trails past crystal lakes and through backcountry.  Wildlife is abundant, as are the summit’s 360-degree views.

High meadows, glaciated peaks, and beautiful wildflowers give Hurricane Ridge an alpine quality, yet this is the most accessible area for visitors to experience the scenery and wildlife of the Olympic Mountain Range. Black-tailed deer and Olympic marmots frequent local trails, and black bears forage here. From the main park visitor center in Port Angeles, a scenic parkway climbs steadily to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center, with interpretive programs, a sweeping view of the inner Olympic Ridge, and nearby access to Hurricane Hill and other trails. The road continues to Obstruction Point and other major trailheads.

For more information, visit the North Olympic Peninsula Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Alpine meadows of Olympic National Park feature Sooty (Blue) Grouse’s booming-breeding display in springtime. Raptors abound, plus swifts, pipits, and larks. Favorite show-stopper is the Olympic marmot. 

HABITAT: Olympic National Park sub-alpine forest, alpine meadows.

BIRDING: Sooty (Blue) Grouse’s booming-breeding display highlights spring. Spring-fall, see Gray and Steller’s Jays, Band-tailed Pigeons. Summer-fall, watch for Red Crossbills in trees; soaring Golden Eagles, American Kestrels, Northern Harriers,– and Vaux’s and Black Swifts near ridge tops. Listen for Townsend’s Solitaires, Townsend’s Warblers, Hermit Thrushes.

VIEWING: Trails give easy access to meadows. Other options: drive 1.2 miles west to 1.5-mile steep Hurricane Hill Trail for Horned Larks, American Pipits; drive narrow 7.8-mile gravel road to Obstruction Point overlook, trails. Bonus: Olympic Marmots.

ACCESS: From Hwy 101 in city of Port Angeles, turn south onto Race St. Drive 1.0 mile to Olympic National Park Visitor Center. Continue right at Y on Heart O’ the Hills Pkwy 5.0 miles to park entrance, continue 12 miles to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.

MORE BIRDING: At 0.2 mile from park entrance, turn into Heart O’ the Hills campground. May-July, nesting Marbled Murrelets call at dawn.


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