Slice of Heaven: Pie Shops in Washington State

When it comes to farm-fresh fruit, Washington State is richer than Bill Gates, so it’s no surprise that we’re also rich in good fruit pie.
Washington State Vacation
Washington State Vacation

To sample the best, head straight for the modest bakers: the people who sell at farmers' markets, set up shop near farms, or source directly from them.

Find a delicious slice of blueberry pie just a ways north of the blueberry farms of Skagit Valley in Ferndale, where you can buy a slice from Barb's Pies and Pastries in the Carnation Building. Another prime example of such magic is Farm’s Reach Cafe in Chimacum, where bakers pack up to 5 pounds of fruit from Olympic Peninsula and eastern Washington farms into pillowy crusts and serve thick slices with Stumptown coffee. Learn more about farms in Skagit Valley >>

Just up the road in Port Townsend, Better Living Through Coffee uses whole grains and natural sweeteners to make a fig-and-walnut tart with a cakey, nutty crust that defies traditional pie expectations.

In Spokane, the fresh cherry pie at Rockwood Bakery tastes like the fruit came picked straight from the tree. In Seattle, A La Mode Pies’ Blue Hawaiian pie breaks the fresh-fruit rule by combining blueberries with canned fruit (pineapple, plus a shot of piña colada mix).

Finally, if you find yourself in Roslyn, pray it’s a day that the Roslyn Café, which also has desserts made by local grocery Maggie’s Pantry, serves pie. In the fall, it might be the seasonal huckleberry-blueberry pie made with perfectly tart Cascade huckleberries, all cradled by a buttery, flaky crust made by hand. It’s rivaled only by what Washington’s pie-makers craft in the privacy of their homes for loved ones and lucky visitors.

—Kate Lebo

Photo Credit: Barb's Pies and Pastries/Facebook