Unique Sights of Seattle and Tacoma

Here are some interesting and unusual attractions to explore while sightseeing around Seattle.

One voracious tree on Vashon Island has an old bike embedded in its trunk (near 20312 Vashon Hwy SW).

Zekesville, near Stevens Pass off Highway 2, claims to be the state’s smallest incorporated town, with five residents. En route, travelers can stop and pray at what has to be the world’s smallest sanctuary, the Wayside Chapel, which has seating for eight.

Visitors to Seattle can pay respects to Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee at their grave sites in Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery, or visit Jimi Hendrix’s grave at Renton’s Greenwood Cemetery.

The Tacoma Dome, one of the world’s largest wood-domed arenas, is composed of 288 triangular wood sections. The original Tacoma Narrows Bridge opened on July 1, 1940, earned the nickname “Galloping Gertie” for its wildly fluctuating deck and collapsed into the Puget Sound that November. The new, safer bridge is the fifth-longest suspension bridge span in the United States.

—Julie H. Case