Roche Harbor

Lime and cement production put Roche Harbor on the 19th-century map, but natural beauty, historic buildings and outdoor activities make it a must-stop for today’s San Juan Island travelers. 

Whether sailing in and docking in the famous marina, flying in by seaplane, or traveling by Washington State Ferry, you are sure to marvel at the stunning scenery of this island and its home in Puget Sound. Come to understand why travelers from all over the world return time and again for the Old World charm and seaside ambience of Roche Harbor. 

Take a leisurely stroll on the cobblestone walkways and tour the formal Victorian gardens. Browse the inviting shops. Dine in one of the three restaurants. Explore the area on the many hiking trails leading through historic lime quarries and through the San Juan Islands Sculpture Park, where you can see more than 125 sculptures.

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