Along the banks of the mighty Spokane River, multiple bands of the Spokane Tribe lived off of the abundant fishing ground and called it Spokane Falls. The name "Spokane" is actually derived from the Salish term meaning "Children of the Sun." Trappers and traders began to settle in the area in 1810, and Spokane was officially incorporated as a city in 1881.

Now, more than two centuries later, Spokane offers the perfect blend of unique attractions, proximity to the outdoors, fine arts, hip nightlife, world-class dining, shopping and big-name entertainment.

Spokane is the second largest city in Washington state and the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis. In 1974, Spokane was the first city to host an environmentally themed world's fair. That put Spokane on the map, and it is still the smallest city to ever host a world's fair. Continuing to make a name for itself, Spokane is home to the world's largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament, Hoopfest, and one of the largest running events in the world, Bloomsday.

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