Set in a region rich in variety and diversity, Yakima is a perfect day trip for getting outdoors or to enjoy the bountiful agriculture the city has to offer.

Visitors are enticed by the geographical change to a more sunny climate relative to the rest of Washington state when entering this beautiful town. 

Yakima is situated in Yakima Valley, which is noted for being one of the best apple-producing areas in the world and for producing three-quarters of the nation's hops.

It also is known as one of Washington's viticultural areas and features some of the region’s most delightful wines, as it sits at the same latitude as the great wine-producing regions of France. Read more about wineries in Yakima.

Indulge in wine tasting, or stop by small farms you see along the road — if you don’t first find yourself adventurously involved in a wide variety of outdoor sports like hiking, skiing and wildlife viewing.

Read more about wine country in Washington.

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