Redmond, WA is “Geek City, U.S.A."

Redmond is the most passionate place in the Pacific Northwest. Known around the world as the Innovation Capital of the Northwest, Redmond is home to technology giants Microsoft and Nintendo of America. In addition, you may truly geek out over our city's lush natural surroundings and myriad shopping, dining, and lodging. Redmond has a lot to offer those who want an entertaining escape in the perennial green of the Pacific Northwest.

Located less than 30 minutes from Seattle and 10 minutes from downtown Bellevue, Redmond has grown thanks to its status as the home of Microsoft. However, there is so much more than the tech industry to geek out on here—From wide open parks and a bustling city center to blocks of diverse restaurants and myriad entertainment excursions. Along with Redmond’s booming craft beer scene, there’s plenty to awaken every geek’s passion.

Geek Out on The Great Outdoors

With over 1,600 acres of parks and 60 miles of trails, Redmond is the perfect place to explore and geek out on nature. Hitch up your hiking boots, break out the binoculars and start your day at the Redmond Watershed Preserve, where you can either hike or ride horseback. Catch a soccer match at the expansive 60 Acres Park or trek the Farrel-McWhirter Loop Trail, stopping to visit shops and enjoy activities along the way.

If you want to tour the city on two wheels, rent a bike at one of Redmond’s well-rounded bike shops—Element Cycles, Redmond Cycle, Trek Bicycle, or Edge & Spoke— and set off for a day of exploration. Put together a picnic and travel the Redmond Central Connector west, just a short distance to Luke McRedmond Landing. This open space features lovely lunch spots, a canoe launch and a unique fishing pier—a great opportunity to take in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Journey next to one of the most popular area parks, Marymoor Park. This lush location is a recreation haven complete with a climbing wall, off-leash dog park, tennis courts and baseball fields, playgrounds and a reflexology loop. There is even a 400-meter velodrome track dedicated to bicycle racing and a flight area for RC plane enthusiasts. During the summer, you can cozy up and catch an outdoor movie or placate your inner rockstar at Marymoor Park’s outdoor concert series.

If you are a natural outdoor geek looking to enjoy a leisurely stroll or a lively bicycle ride through the lush flora of the region, there's plenty of excursions for you to geek out on in Redmond.

Geek Out on the Local Food Scene

Have you worked up an appetite? Take a break from exploring the great outdoors and chance upon one of Redmond’s celebrated restaurants and cafés. Whether you are craving pizza, sizzling steak, sushi or tacos, our city features something for every foodie ready to geek out on an invigorating menu.

If your tastes run more adventurous, skip breakfast at a restaurant and venture to the Redmond Saturday Market to geek out on farm-to-table offerings from local merchants. From May through October, more than 70 vendors sell everything from organic produce and plants, to specialty sauces and sweet treats in the open-air market, the Eastside’s oldest and longest-standing farmer’s market. Grab a coffee from the corner café, weave your way through endless stalls and snack on some breakfast goodies while meeting new friends.

Geek Out on Entertainment

Redmond has many unique diversions for the entertainment geeks amongst us, whether you are interested in art, cinema or tech. Take in local arts by leading a self-guided tour of Redmond’s expansive list of outdoor public art installations. If you prefer to create your own masterpiece, take a trip to Redmond Art Works and indulge your inner Michelangelo using clay or canvas.

Gaming geeks can battle against friends or release their inner Robin Hood at Vertex Arena, which offers a trampoline room, Nerf tag, and its famous ninja course. Next, geek out on the latest tech experience by visiting the dynamic Odyssey Virtual Reality Arcade in downtown Redmond. As evening falls, catch a play, musical, or improv comedy show at SecondStory Repertory theater. For an unforgettable cinematic experience, curl up in the luxury seats at iPic Theater, which boasts a full dining menu and bar.

Geek Out on Craft Beer

Do you geek out over barley and brews? Just north of Redmond Town Center, you’ll uncover an impressive lineup of flagship brews at Eastside Beerworks, along with seasonal selections and a delicious dinner menu. Continue your bar crawl—venturing northwest along the Sammamish River Trail—and sample Black Raven Brewing Company’s old-world style mixed with the freshest flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

Pour on the pub pop-ins at local staple, Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company, which got its start in 1933. This popular brewery offers free tours and tastings on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are ready to geek out on yet another frosty pint, take a stroll down the block to Postdoc Brewing, ending your evening in their laidback taproom known to sling sour and barrel-aged beers well into the night.

Want to Geek Out Even More?

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