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Partnering with the Washington Tourism Alliance

As the official website of Washington State tourism, the ExperienceWA site provides the unique opportunity to reach travelers from all over the world who want to explore the Evergreen State.

The Washington Tourism Alliance offers several ways on to maximize your presence on the site and find potential tourists who are ready to convert.  No other advertising program can as effectively connect advertisers to such a highly qualified audience of travelers.

We have several features that will help you maximize your profile on the site and help you gain premium position in front of our targeted audience when users are looking to convert.

To learn more about the opportunities available, please visit our online media kit.

Opportunities include:

  • Featured Listings and Events
  • Special Offers
  • Banner Advertising
  • Lead Generation to grow your Opt-In Database
  • A Monthly Newsletter to our database of over 17,000 Opt-In Subscribers
  • Customized Emails to over 17,000 Opt-In Subscribers

Contact Mike Moe at Washington Tourism Alliance to learn more!

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