Restaurants in Northeast Washington

With Idaho to the east and Canada to the north, this corner of the state dishes up a smorgasbord of eats from near and far.

In Spokane, Gordy’s Sichuan Cafe serves up authentic Chinese cuisine, like chili-and-peppercorn-laden glass noodles. Dishes at Old European include favorites from abroad, such as aebelskivers—pancake-like Danish popovers—stuffed with blueberries. And, you can dig into reimagined Southern classics—think country-braised cheeks on a cheddar grit cake—at Casper Fry.

For sips, head to an Arbor Crest tasting room or to No-Li Brewhouse for the internationally acclaimed Crystal Bitter ale.

Regional cuisine still reigns supreme: Santé embraces the “farm to table, nose to tail” mindset with house-made charcuterie and grass-fed beef from Rocky Ridge Ranch; Central Food features Palouse-grown lentils and chickpeas on its ever-changing menu and Lovitt in Colville showcases Stevens County poultry. You can also pull rainbow and brown trout from the Spokane and Pend Oreille Rivers for an as-fresh-as-it-gets supper; ask locals for the best spots.

Don’t let the gas station next door fool you: Hay J’s Bistro in Liberty Lake serves some of the best fine-dining cuisine around, and exports to neighboring wine bar Eau de Vie. For dessert, stop by a local market for a Cyrus O’Leary’s pie, full of Pacific Northwest–grown fruit.

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—Angela Cabotaje