Wine Country is open for adventure


The flourishing Wine Country Region is set amid countless sunshiney days and fertile farmlands – making this part of the state an essential rest stop to mark on your road map. Roaring canyons, calm streams, comforting breezes, and endless expanses of panoramic countryside create the extraordinary terroir and beauty that make Washington's Wine Country a region rapidly gaining national recognition for all things wine.


Every kind of adventure awaits you in this spectacular region. Raft a raging river, hike a new trail, or drive the scenic route from the desert hills into the bustling agricultural lands. Beautiful wineries, unexpected resorts and wide expanses greet you throughout the area. Bursting with adventure, relaxing rendezvous, or slow sips on the shore - you are bound to find an ideal outing to fit your travel plans.


And nearly everywhere you turn, a beautiful handcrafted glass of local wine awaits you, sometimes merely a few feet from its own winery. 240 wineries can be explored from Walla Walla, to the Tri-Cities to Yakima. Intimate wine tasting experiences, vineyard tours, and winemakers dinners can be found throughout the region. With over 20,000 acres of vineyards here,  there’s always more to explore.


Don’t forget the breweries too! This region is home so some of the world’s best hops production - in fact, 75% of the hops that are grown in the U.S. come from right here in the Yakima Valley! The hot and cool desert climate is prime for growing this fragrant and beautiful crop that is the foundation of every beer, from the icy cold tailgate keg, to the most meticulous craft microbrew. 


Wine Country is open for most any adventure that suits your tastes. Spend a weekend or a lifetime in this captivating and unique region of Washington State, and say hello to relaxation and great tasting beverages.