Union Gap

You may be coming to the Yakima Valley for wine tasting, but don’t miss all there is to do in Union Gap!

Central Washington Agricultural Museum — Interactive exhibits transport you back to simpler time at this 19-acre, open-air museum. Displays include historic farm equipment, tools and things needed for everyday life on the farm.
Beautiful Parks
Ahtanum Youth Park — This huge park offers picnic facilities, basketball courts, a BMX Track, soccer fields, an equestrian arena and meeting space for groups.
Fulbright Park —  Adjacent to the Agricultural Museum, this park offers creekside covered picnic facilities and more than 30 acres to play football, fly remote control airplanes or play Frisbee with your dog.
Pioneer Graveyard — Established in 1865, the Pioneer Graveyard is the resting place of many of the Yakima Valley’s original settlers. Visiting the graveyard is a fascinating and solemn experience when you realize the sacrifices made to settle this Western frontier.
Fruit and Vegetable Stands — Local fruit stands can be found up and down Main Street offering fresh fruits and vegetables from the the fields. There are also many U-pick opportunities at local farms.
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